Entreprise et Progrès: The Purpose of a Corporation

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Edelman Intelligence is the pro-bono research consultancy for Entreprise et Progrès, a think-tank association that joins together over a hundred companies with the objective of advancing business by advancing people.

We are proud to have partnered on The Purpose of a Corporation Survey, which explores the notion of raison d’être, meaning ‘purpose of a corporation’, proposed by the Pacte Law (PACTE – Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation) in France. The aim of raison d’être is to inspire better innovation and social and environmental responsibility in companies.

In light of recent economic and political events, the raison d’être is a topic of vigorous debate in France, as it is all around the world. We surveyed a panel of 181 corporate leaders in France to aid in the discussion of a major roundtable event organized by Entreprise et Progrès and attended by leaders in business, politics, media, and NGOs.

A few key findings of the research included:

  • The raison d’être excites business leaders, with 59% of respondents considering the incorporation of this notion into their company’s civil code
  • Business leaders believe that raison d’être is above all else an opportunity to reinforce companies’ corporate social responsibility (72%) as well as create value for French society, and potentially beyond (68%)
  • The main challenge associated with the implementation of this new notion is finding the right definition (44%) for each company and then, making it transformative for the company (34%)

As we continue to work alongside Entreprise et Progrès, we are excited to see how this research continues to fuel the discussion and application of raison d’être.

Interested in learning more about this survey or how Edelman Intelligence can help your business create thought provoking research? Drop us a note HERE or email us at hello@edelmanintelligence.com.

*Survey conducted in collaboration with YouGov.

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