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This week, we sat down with Trisha Pascale, a VP in our Washington, DC office, to talk about what brought her to EI, her #1 passion project right now, and the best advice she has ever received. Enjoy!

What’s your role at Edelman Intelligence? What kind of work do you do?

I am a Vice President of Secondary Research and Measurement in the D.C. office. My work varies by the day, but we do everything from competitive media analysis and influencer identification to crisis support and measurement frameworks. Part of the fun of what I get to do is that each client has a different need, so no two projects are alike.

Previous places of employment?

I started my career at US Airways, but after many years of having free flight benefits, I transitioned to a life in marketing communications working for Wunderman DC, a Y&R agency, and then the Slate Group, until I found my home here at Edelman Intelligence.

You came to Edelman Intelligence because…

I wanted a challenge. I am a very curious person and I look forward to the uniqueness of each day. I worked at The Slate Group at an exciting time as they launched Panoply, their podcast network, but I missed the ever-changing agency environment that allowed me to constantly learn something new.

Describe Edelman Intelligence in three words.

Smart, Energetic, and Driven.

Working in research and analytics: accident or design?

Definitely an accident! I always had a pull toward numbers and analytics – perhaps it is the type A part of my personality – but my first job in airline pricing was driven mostly on my love of travel. It quickly became evident that I really enjoyed understanding the strategy and modeling out ways to improve our approach or measure our success. Over the years, I moved around in various roles, but the core tenants to those roles were always research, analytics, and measurement.

Describe your typical work day in 5 emojis or less:




#1 passion project you are working on right now:

I am working as part of the Crisis and Risk Intelligence team, which has been incredibly fun. There is something fulfilling and validating when we help advise and strategically guide clients during a time of uncertainty and chaos. This taps into the consultative nature of our job – we’re able to provide comfort to our clients because we understand the environment they are operating in and can help guide them through their roughest of times. While exhausting, this type of work showcases the full spectrum of the value research brings to inform decision making, mitigate future risk, and measure impact.

In your opinion, the coolest thing happening in the world of intelligence right now is…

I am currently most excited about some of the ways people are using analytics around attribution modeling to correlate leading and lagging indicators to performance measurement. This is something that has been a blind spot for most of my time in analytics, but with the use of data, analysis, and technology together there is some exciting new stuff happening.

A culture of collaboration must…

Utilize the strengths of each team member.

What three skills do you think are essential to fulfill your role?

I think the three skills that are most essential to my position would be the ability to listen, multitask, and be flexible.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Never get comfortable. Always push yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you do this continually with every task you take on, that boundary will continue to widen. This process will ensure that you are continually maximizing your potential, which will provide a positively impact to you personally and your team.

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