A fun, challenging, and fast-paced work environment fueled by analytical thinking and creativity (and some really, really, passionate people).

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In Our Own Words

  • “We are entrepreneurial in our spirit, creative in our process, and innovative in our offering. Most importantly – we are a global agency servicing global brands, and our research is solving issues facing the world.”

  • “EI is a mindset. Not only do we strive to stay ahead and pursue excellence, we also support each other, enjoy spending time together, and share in our success – no matter how big or small. It’s because of this strong sense of spirit that we can confidently say that everyone here is proud to be part of this team.”

  • “If I had one word to describe EI, it would be passion. We have passion for our work, our clients, and for delivering excellence. This passion extends far beyond the office walls, and you can see it in the way we motivate and interact with each other, and the team we’ve built here in DC.”

  • “EI gives me the opportunity to partner with interesting clients and solve challenging issues through the lens of my two very different backgrounds: art and management consulting. My time with EI has been the perfect marriage of art and science!”

  • “Think BIG is at the core of Edelman, and Edelman Intelligence helps to shape that. My colleagues share a passion for what they do and make each day challenging and rewarding at the same time.”

  • “EI, more than anything, is defined by the brilliant people with whom I get to work, learn from, and have fun with. Every day brings a new challenge, but it is easier to face those challenges when you get to collaborate with such wonderful colleagues!”

  • “What I love about EI is that it’s an amazing balance of working to live – and living to work. Around the world, and here in Rochester, we’re committed to fostering authentic business relationships and celebrating the diversity that each individual brings to the team. Oh, and we play hard too!”

  • “We’re a fun-loving team who genuinely enjoy working with each other. Initially from all over the world, we are now the Intelligence hub of APAC, united by our mutual love of discovering the best lunch locale – whether it’s arguing over the best chicken rice shop in Singapore, devouring Hong Kong’s iconic egg tarts, or trying out the latest Michelin star restaurant in Sydney.”